I wear one of three hats as I work hand-in-hand with clients on very specific projects:


First, I listen to you characterize where the initiative is currently. By asking the right probing questions, you help me understand where you want the initiative to be over a specific period of time set by you. I explain your options and also recommend which options to rule out and which to pursue.


I do offer single strategy calls, although clients typically request strategy-based services for at least one session.

Strategy sessions usually become less frequent as a plan is developed and the work advances into implementation.



I help you implement an entire strategy or parts of it for a determined scope of work.  There will likely be times when the task at hand requires a strategist and a consultant. I typically engage both leadership and staff at varying levels, so there may also be times that coaching will be needed for some personal attention.


I help staff improve their Program Management abilities. This professional development service can occur 1-to-1 or in small groups. Either way, as a coach, I’ll work directly for the benefit of the individual which will indirectly benefit your organization.


Is a 20 minute call where we begin to get to know each other.

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