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Hi! I’m Nneka

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Did you pursue some form of advanced education or training program?...

Because you believe that education and skills are still the doors to financial stability? Me too! Then, at some point along the way maybe you experienced how oftentimes racial minorities and women need extra support opening those doors of opportunity? Same here.


Early on in my career I became enthusiastic about seeing the younger generation of professionals launch their careers.

I was a manager at the time. And as I was helping my staff earn their first promotions, I got hooked on helping them attain big professional wins.

Almost two decades later, as an entrepreneur, I've created a space for myself where I get to wear two hats that fit me perfectly.

I am a Consultant who advises employers and other organizations on career readiness initiatives that lead to  workplace diversity and job placement outcomes.

I'm also a Career Coach who helps students and early career professionals transition from being learners in their programs to earners in their field of study.

My clients are ambitious, talented, and want a big (often their first) professional achievement.

Here is where I focus them so that they can experience the biggest transformations:

Finding jobs in their field of study so that they can enjoy life while repaying their student loans. About 41 percent of recent college graduates -- and 33.8 percent of all college graduates -- are underemployed in that they are working in jobs that don't require a college degree.


Thinking beyond their degrees and certifications and toward the skills part of the career equation. Employers are looking for talent that has soft and technical skills.


Getting timely job search support.

The earlier the better. Unfortunately, according to research, colleges alone are not meeting students’ career counseling needs citing an array of factors from funding cuts to lack of know-how/ expertise/experience.

Tapping into their inner creator to develop job skills and expand their professional networks.

One in five college students said the pandemic has made their opportunities for career exploration “much worse" with up to 27% of  undergrads reporting having a job or internship canceled or dropped plans to find a job or internship.


Being seen and heard as they experience the emotional ups and downs of the school-to-career transition.

College students experience unprecedented levels of stress and anxiety with the transition from college to the workforce being one of their biggest worries.


Getting unstuck and launch their own careers.

Students report feeling frustrated with career counseling services.


Understanding ways that the black professional work experience looks different from their non-black peers.

Now more than ever employers have become more focused on improving workplace diversity. In the meantime, black students deserve to be prepared for professional challenges that are connected to race, while companies figure out a way to have their workplaces be more inclusive, equitable, and fair. 

Does this sound like you? Because I'd love to meet you.