You're the ambitious, inspired, and

passionate types.





You’ve already decided that workforce development is a necessity for both employees and businesses to realize their potential, particularly in today's global economy.  You're committed to walking the talk of removing barriers to career advancement for racial minorities. You're eager to act on your ideas and market opportunities, but you're hesitating. The way forward into something new is unclear, and you aren’t sure how to get going on your own.


Nneka Mariama Thompson

And so far, we're a match.


Like you, I too am convinced that skills and education are doors to economic opportunity, and that oftentimes racial minorities and women need extra support opening those doors.

As a Consultant, my niche is career readiness initiatives that require strategic direction, planning, and organization to drive diversity and job placement outcomes.


I also hold the opinion that work is life-affirming. Meaningful employment builds economic self-sufficiency, job, retention and career advancement.


As an ICF Certified Coach, from college to internships and beyond, I help students and early career professionals graduate, launch their careers in their field of study, and

make successful workplace transitions.

My Consultant and Coach Approach is to:

  • Listen intently.

  • Read between the lines to draw out big picture goals and objectives, and obstacles getting in the way.

  • Bring my clients a skillful expertise of blending higher education, employer, community, organizational, and personal priorities for an integrated approach to program design and service delivery.

My Background

Spans national think-tanks, national non-profits, local community-based organizations, federal government and quasi-public entities, and Fortune 500 corporate settings.